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Tips When Booking a Boudoir Photographer - By Always Photogenic Photography

Hello Friends!

Preparing to book a #Boudoir shoot can be very challenging and I believe more intimidating than anything else.

How do you Find the right person, what’s the right price, what’s included ?

You’re signing up to take your clothes off and flaunt your goodies.

So where do you start?

I personally believe people typically try to start with the money aspect. They have a number in their heads they are willing to spend when it comes to #Boudoir of photos in general. However, that number can quickly become much larger than you wanted once the #boudoirresearch begins.

The average #Boudoir #photographer charges 200$-500$ simply for the sitting fee (just to have your pics taken) the images are then edited and available for purchase (Prints costing anywhere from 25$ 8x10- $500+ 8x10 ) per photo. Every photographer prices photos differently. You also have photographers who include the shoot and the download of edited images and you’ll find they also are charging anywhere from $350-$1500 and up.

These can range from full sessions, with hair and make up, to mini sessions, or group sessions.

Something else to consider is the photographer themselves. How long has this person been in business. Find someone seasoned in the craft of Boudoir. Truth be told , more experience will simply mean a more advanced and smooth session with your photographer. They will know what they are doing, know multiple body types, understand the range of emotions and grace it takes to allow someone to relax and be comfortable. I’ve experienced losing a client to a “beginner Boudoir photographer” and I wasn’t upset, they were offering an hour session for 1/4 of the price. I get it.

But I also ended up booking that client who paid twice as much and had to pay even more because they chased a price not a quality.

It happens to all of us in different situations.

However, when considering a #boudoir photographer , perhaps considering someone with experience and knowledge of their craft is a better choice than a cheaper price. It is in fact in an investment.

Ok enough about money, I think the most important step is finding someone you can connect with. Someone you can be comfortable and relax with.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Try to have a vision going in so that your photographer can give you the best options.

Questions I recommend.

  1. May I see a gallery you’ve done ?(digital or physical)

  2. Do you offer prints, downloads, both?

  3. How long have you been doing boudoir photography? (Specifically boudoir)

  4. Ask for reviews or recommendations.

  5. Do they have a client closet (meaning outfits) ?

  6. Pricing options, payment plans?

  7. Ask for a run down of what to expect with your experience.

  8. How long will it take to get your photos back and HOW you'll get your photos back?

  9. Be clear of any deadlines you have, and schedule accordingly. Don't ask your photographer to make exceptions.

  10. And ask about the photographer themselves, when they started, what boudoir means to them, why they should book with you.

Another thing to consider is your outfits and locations.

If a photographer is advertising a location confirm those pics are actually at the location. If it’s a new location and they don’t have any photos of their own , that isn’t a deal breaker , but make sure they’ve shot boudoir before and that the location is real . This is obvious safety advice as well.

Outfits. Find out what your location will look like, ask recommendations from your photographer. They should have pictures and ideas to share with you: this will range with price range. They should have links to send you. Unless you booked someone with little experience or knowledge of it. They should also know what styles or colors to help you find. Boudoir can be challenging enough make sure to book with someone willing to help you, or provides a guideline.

Turn around times for photographers .

This is something that each photographer decides for themselves. I always say 6-8 weeks minimum.

During wedding season this can be Longer, or during holidays etc.

Read your reviews .. if there’s 1 or 2 or even 5 negative reviews out of 100 plus.. don’t stress or ask the photographer about them.. but if you see no reviews , or negative reviews 1-2 out of 10 .. then yes I would be more concerned and consider further investigation or research.

I hope these tips have been helpful , if you’re ready to book your boudoir let me know. I’m happy to discuss the options with you.

What Im up to lately in Boudoir lately?

If you are interested in Booking a Boudoir Be sure to visit my website

We have a ladies only group on facebook; Would love to invite the ladies to join.

Mention you read and shared the blog and Ill discount your first session by $50!

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