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How to Book an Engagement Session - by Always Photogenic Photography

So you're engaged? Or maybe in the process of getting there? Great, You've landed in the right place.

#Proposals, #Engagements, and #love are my THING!

#Weddings, #Bridals, #Boudoir go right along with it and are something I truly

enjoy doing as well.

So, I was at a wedding a few weekends ago and got to talking with my pal who is an amazing videographer, whom I plan on featuring here in the blog soon. (Shameless PLUG)

Anyway, so we're at this wedding and we're just talking about vendor communications and clients and how planning a wedding, and knowing what to do , is just REALLY challenging. We joked about making some "how to videos" to help clients begin the planning process and instruction for the different ways you can go about planning.. so I decided to break this down and start a blog about it.

First one is going to be about booking engagements after you are engaged!

SO here we are..

This is from the perspective that you have already been proposed to and are seeking a photographer to take engagement pictures. The most obvious place people seem to go to search something is #google or some sort of web searcher. You may type in " #houstonengagementphotographer " and thousands of photographers will pop up and you start the long search of emailing all of them. Or perhaps you are on facebook and on one of the Bride to Bride pages and you've made you post and 500 comments later .. an intense inbox full of sales pitches (which is to be expected, asked for or not) and at least

one argument on your post.. you're still NO closer to booking a photographer. You are possibly even more overwhelmed than when you started, and its not over...

We also haven't included the referrals you're going to get from friends and family, or the family member who is a photographer and is now upset because YOU DID NOT BOOK THEM.

So where should you start? I like to recommend searching #pinterest for a #photographerstyle. Maybe even hitting #google up for some key word definitions. Such as engagement photography styles or some of the suggestions below.

Thing to consider searching:

  1. types of engagement photographers

  2. lifestyle engagement photographer

  3. portrait engagement photographer

  4. bright and airy engagement photography

  5. moody engagement photographers

  6. true to color engagement photographers

You aren't necessarily looking for a photographer in these searches but a style , an editing style you like, or a more posed or more lifestyle like engagement photographer. You can also do these searches on #instagram and #facebook and come up with some amazing ideas.

*Random TIP - When you start talking to photographers about engagement photos ask about SPECIALS they may have if you book your wedding with them as well. (like FREE engagements)

FOR example- I offer all engagements complimentary when you book your wedding with me, I want to meet me clients and spend time with them. See what they are like, and what they are like with each other. Book at

I like to hear the stories of how my clients met, got engaged, and any other fun life details they want to share with me. I find this helps me help them to decide where we may want to do this session.

Many locations require permits or private permission or cost something to shoot at. Be sure your photographer is aware of these permit requirements , and offer to cover the cost if you want a particular location. If they don't bring it up, it is ok to ask, because some locations will issues citations to the photographer or you for trespassing. Most photographers have spots in case you really have no clue. Also, most photographers who have been doing engagements photos for a few years will know these things.

Outfits are important but also something to discuss with your photographer. More likely than not they have been doing this awhile and some even have client closets. Or amazing amazon links to cute dresses or outfits. You'll also want to take into consideration where you're doing the shoot, the weather, as well as time of year. Ask how many outfits you can bring as well. Is there a place to change where you're going? Will you need bug spray, extra shoes, snacks, water, an assistant.

There are many other scenarios that we will be going over in these blogs that are based around engagements and we will go into more detail and potentially have guest speakers to guide us even further into the realm of wedding planning/organizing/adventuring!

If you're looking for someone to have an adventure with, or need help planning a proposal or even an engagement session. Don't be afraid to reach out and get a quote.

I would love the opportunity to capture your day with you starting with your engagements.

so let's talk!

My super cool clients and friends <3 #starwars

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