• Heather Browand

Family Photos - How to Prepare for Them, by Always Photogenic Photography

Once you've decided to do a family session, and you've booked your photographer, the next steps can be a little challenging. What outfits do we wear? Have you picked out a location? Is there a back up or option to reschedule if it's raining? When is the decision made if it's raining?

Or perhaps you haven't even booked a photographer and you need to find one. Where do you start, where does someone find a family photographer? Many friends will encourage you to book their photographer, and thats not always a bad idea! Referrals are. 90% of our business and I promise you its appreciated. However, what if that photographer does portraits, and you want something more lifestyle..

Im hoping the next few paragraphs will be helpful and answer some of your questions.

First and foremost let's define the styles of family portraits. I personally think this will range for each person and photographer.

1. Lifestyle Photography - is a genre of photography that mainly aims to capture portraits of people in situations, real-life events or milestones in an artistic manner and the art of the everyday.

(taken from wikipedia ,

(note- just because lifestyle is considered to be "real life" do expect to still be instructed and posed to some extent. Even a little acting!

2. Portrait Photography- is a type of photography aimed toward capturing the personality of a person or group of people by using effective lighting, backdrops, and poses. (taken from wikipedia,

3- Hiring by editing style-

a. Bright and airy

b. True to color

c. Moody

d. film (grainy)

My versions of bright and airy, true to color, and moody. (these are just examples) Please note these will differ for EVERY artist. (you know the photographer)

Bright and Airy

True to Color